Kaotic Marauders



“By land or wave, our crew is brave. We scour the world our flag unfurled.”


We are introducing our newest venture into other worlds not open to the fae. 

We have received inquiries to bring our activities to other venues with a different theme.  For those venues, we have created this alter ego.


We are not pirates, exactly. We are not nautically challenged. We travel by any means necessary to spread the education we have been known for. 


We focus on Celtic “explorers”. We have an activity with scrolls to test your fate & see which one of 6 Celtic Explorers you are: Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, Edward England, Edward Jordan, Walter Kennedy or James Kirker. Trace their worldly travels on the map on the back of the scroll. 


We bring our well loved activities such as Roll The Stones, Petting Zoo, Live Bugs, Rub A Bug, & Mythical Mind on our journeys to new audiences. 


Be on the lookout for our flag to be seen soon at upcoming events.