Blue Feather

blue feather bannerDuring the Renaissance period, there were no equal signs, no rainbow flags nor pink triangles to openly express being gay. To advertise one was gay, they simply wore a blue feather in the cap.

Today, the blue feather is seen throughout the SCA as a symbol of unity.

There is a difference between dark blue and light blue feathers. For those that are LGBT, they wear a dark blue feather. For friends that are supportive, they wear a light blue feather.


KAOTIC MYTHICALS  is proudly & openly gay owned. We are the only openly LGBT friendly troupe in NorCal. We display the blue feather banner as a symbol of pride and to show others that we are accepting of all without discrimination.  

The blue feather banner can be seen hanging in the encampment at every event to educate those that inquire.

We proudly display the blue feather banner to let those that know what it means that they are welcome in our space and will be treated with respect.



For more information: Clan Blue Feather