2018 Midsummer Night’s Dream & Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy (Fairytale Town – Sacramento)

We had a wonderful time at Midsummer Night’s Dream & Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy!  The spot that we had been in for the last several years is under construction for a new play structure & won’t be available for us in the future. Though we were in a different space right across the way that we really liked with lots of shade & a picnic table built in.  The crowd seemed lighter than in the past as we did not have a continuous line at Roll The Stones however we did have a light continuous flow of families coming through. It had been a bit kaotic in the past with lots of people always in our space, this year it seemed much more relaxed. We got to spend quality time with families that stayed in our area doing multiple activities.  We had Roll The Stones, Mythical Mind, Rub-A-Bug, Bubbles, Hunker Hauser, Hula Hoops and some of our items out for donations.  We had a very small crew though we all had a lot of fun!